A “secret” drone video of a military operation stored in the backyard of a former soldier

Accused war criminal Ben Roberts Smith has more than 12 Defense Ministry drone videos of Afghan military operations, including videos watermarked as “secrets” and shared only among certain NATO troops. Was buried in the backyard.

A file buried by a former Special Air Service soldier in a pink children’s lunch box contains 13 videos of Drone Vision taken by NATO forces in Afghanistan and classified operational reports from SAS missions in southern Afghanistan. Contains a copy.

Ben Roberts-Smith was Afghanistan when he was the Corporal of the Special Air Defense Force

Access to sensitive information is strictly restricted to those who are authorized to view it, and illegal access is a serious criminal issue. Australian Federal Police have previously focused on allegations that former federal officials and journalists possessed secret government files.

The file’s metadata (information that identifies when the file was created and modified and who created it) is that the recipient of the Victoria Cross obtained, modified, or transmitted military material years after leaving the military. Is shown.

One file was created by a U.S. military expert embedded in SAS and modified by Roberts Smith in 2019. The second file modified by Roberts Smith is marked as belonging to the “Ministry of Defense”.

Metadata in some documents suggests that Roberts Smith may have shared sensitive files and images with others, including a former member of the US-based SAS patrol team.Metadata suggests that some files are related to the 2009 mission with Roberts Smith. Accused of doing it illegally Afghan.

“This is a national security issue. It’s against the law.”

Former Defense Force Commander, Chris Barrie.

The killing, which Roberts Smith denied cheating, was launched in 2018 and is subject to the Federal Police Task Force, which recently submitted a summary of evidence to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

However, it is not indicated whether the files and visions have been declassified before they were retrieved by Roberts-Smith. It’s unclear how much confidential material Roberts Smith holds today, if any, Age And Sydney Morning Herald The former Corporal also confirmed that he had kept the materials in a second place.

A “secret” drone video of a military operation stored in the backyard of a former soldier

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