A Nazi salute on the steps of Victoria’s parliament as protesters clash over transgender rights

Key Point
  • Protesters clashed over transgender rights in Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday.
  • A group of neo-Nazis marched through the city performing a Nazi salute.
  • Several were detained by police.
Performed by a group of men Saluting on the steps of the Victorian Houses of Parliament during clashes between protesters in Melbourne.
About 30 members of the National Socialist Movement marched along Spring Street Saturday afternoon to repeatedly salute at an anti-transgender rights rally.

They also put up signs calling transgender people offensive names, and British anti-trans activist Kelly Jay Keane Minschl addressed the crowd.

Neo-Nazis clashed with transgender rights supporters outside Melbourne’s Houses of Parliament on Saturday. sauce: AAP / James Ross/AAPIMAGE

Anti-trans groups clashed with hundreds of other people who were rallying in favor of trans. .

Pro-trans protesters held up signs with messages such as “Transgender life is more than hate for the profession” and “Women are not defined by their bodies.”

Police, including mounted police, worked to keep the two groups separate.

Several people were detained by police and pepper spray was used on at least one occasion.
Spring Street and the surrounding area were closed to traffic for several hours.

The Victorian opposition condemned the actions of some protesters, saying there was no room for neo-Nazism in society.

Supporters of transgender rights took part in a protest in Melbourne on Saturday. sauce: AAP / James Ross/AAPIMAGE

“Today’s actions by neo-Nazis are a deliberate attempt to incite hatred and violence that is nothing short of disgusting,” said a joint statement by liberal MPs David Southwick and Brad Battin.

“These shameful individuals and the hateful ideologies they promote have no place in our state and should never be tolerated.

“Victoria is better than this.”

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/nazi-salutes-performed-on-steps-of-victorian-parliament-as-protesters-clash-over-transgender-rights/yr7gzkevn A Nazi salute on the steps of Victoria’s parliament as protesters clash over transgender rights

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