A man charged with murdering a British parliamentarian

British police have charged 25-year-old Ali Harbi Ali with the murder of Congressman David Ames, saying his fatal puncture wound at a meeting in his constituency was a terrorist act.

The killing of Ames shocked Britain’s political system five years after another member was killed and was called upon to increase the security of parliamentarians.

“We submit to the court that the murder had something to do with terrorism, that is, both religious and ideological motives,” said Nick Price, director of the Special Crime and Counterterrorism Division of the Prosecutor’s Office. Said.

“He was also charged with preparing for a terrorist act, which follows a review of the evidence collected by the Metropolitan Police Department in the investigation.”

Ali, the son of a former media adviser to the former Prime Minister of Somalia, will appear in London’s Westminster Administrative Court later Thursday.

“There is considerable media speculation about the background, history and motives of the man currently being charged,” said Matt Jukes, deputy secretary of special operations at the Metropolitan Police.

“I understand that the public interest in this case is enormous, but now that the indictment has been filed, everyone should exercise restraint when making public comments so that future proceedings are never compromised. Is extremely important. “

A man charged with murdering a British parliamentarian

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