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JETS coach Arthur Papas has the utmost confidence in the team in Newcastle. Now it’s about building a list for teams that can challenge the A-League Championship. Spanish linchpin Mario Arquez (the last piece of the puzzle, virtually formed from scratch) will join the group this week, giving the roster to 22 senior players and four scholarship holders. “Overall, when it comes to teams, we’ve done some good business,” Papas said. “There is competition for each important position. I’m happy with the work we’ve done. Now I’m looking forward to seeing them go on toes with whom.” We’re all together I have a good team. Papas, who grabbed the reins from Craig Deans, welcomed a total of 15 newcomers, led by imported Arques, Savath Siatranis (Greece) and Daniel. The core of the Penha (Brazil), Olivier Bumal (Cameloon) and Bekamikertaze (Georgia) teams have been trained for three months. Much work was done with strength that many players had never experienced before the season. Incredibly, due to COVID-19 restrictions, players (and game plans) have not been tested against non-club games. Sydney FC defeated MacArthur 5-0 in a friendly Saturday, and in other club-constrained states Jets defeated the maiden on Saturday against Broadmeadow Magic of the North NSW club. All Jets players and staff have been vaccinated at least for the first time with COVID-19, and club management is preparing a trial with other NSW-based A’s. -League club. Read MOR E: Jet Rookie Learned from Spaniard Read More: Keeper Confident Jet Has the Right Balance Read More: Spanish Midfielder Closes Squad Read More: Jet Recruit says “We are I have a point to prove that I really need to play the game. ” “I’ve never experienced a situation where I’ve been training for such a long time, especially with personnel changes, and I can’t work on basic relationships. I have a schedule to move forward every few days, and then it changes. .. We have now suggested something about what the next three weeks will be. I hope it continues. “At best, Jets campaigned with the Mariners at home on November 21st. Will have three trials against the opposition of the A-League before starting. “The core group of teams is where we want to be physical. Some groups don’t. We need to deal with that. They also need to build relationships in the field. Play games with other teams. Until then, I don’t know anything about it. ”In the meantime, Jets is planning another match against Magic, preparing for the FFA Cup match against Western Sydney on November 10th at the Second Sports Ground. I am. On November 13, the Hamilton Olympics will face MacArthur at the same venue. “Saturday’s match against Broadmead was good,” Papas said. “We gave everyone a run and scored some goals.” Broadmeadow is just starting to move. They need to prepare and get in shape for the FFA Cup. I will be happy to respond. 29-year-old Alquez will be easier to attend training this week, but Papas will definitely be Spanish. “First and foremost, his calmness towards the ball attracted us to Mario,” Papas said. Someone who always wants the ball, keeps the ball moving, is happy with the dirty work, and has really solid leadership skills that captivated many teams. It was the first season since 2016-17 that Jets filled the full amount. “Usually, when you bring in foreigners, it’s their job to blend in with the culture here,” Papas said. “A lot of work has been done to find out who they are. It doesn’t guarantee anything, but it helps to check a lot of boxes.” It makes a difference. Everyone must contribute in order for us to succeed. “It doesn’t matter if you’re the youngest or the oldest player. If you’re wearing that jersey, whether from Australia or abroad, you’re expecting a certain level of it.”



A-League: Jets coach Arthur Papas switches focus after finishing team | Newcastle Herald

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