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Luna Park’s must-see smile turned white, and new vehicles were set up in anticipation of the park’s grand reopening.

Luna Park’s must-see smile turned white, and new vehicles were set up in anticipation of the park’s grand reopening.

After a $ 30 million refurbishment, the historic site will feature nine new family rides, including the Big Dipper roller coaster, scheduled for later this year, as well as a variety of events and dining with stunning harbor views. You can experience.

Those seeking fun should book online to secure a date and time ticket. The park’s business hours are divided into sessions twice a day.

“To comply with the square meter rule, we need to know how many people are in the park,” said Managing Director Peter Hahn. “We start with up to 3000 people in sessions twice a day during school holidays.”

A visit to Luna Park is planned for Wollstonecraft’s family Dawn and James Idon, as well as the children Savannah (11), Harlow (7) and Fletcher (4).

“It’s always fun to get the shaved ice and enjoy the view from the Ferris wheel,” said Iddon. “You can see the whole family laughing, playing entertainment games, and seeing the characters doing funny dances. Kids also like to join with the performers.”

Many of the park’s most popular vehicles, such as the Ferris wheel, doggie, wildmouth, and rotor, return freshly greased and polished ones.

For those who love nostalgia and those who enjoy a more subdued whirlwind, there is a carousel featuring a hand-carved wooden horse.

Some of the new additions include a bug that is a mini Ferris wheel. Boomerang with drops, twists and turns. A rotating thriller sledgehammer.

And there’s Big Top, a state-of-the-art multipurpose venue that can accommodate up to 3000 people.

The Big Top will be launched at new events such as Bohemian Symphony-Queen Orchestra music and the 40th anniversary tour of pop band UB40.

The installation will also illuminate the park during Vivid Sydney 2021 from August 6th, and its most horrifying Halloween event, Haros Cream 9, will be set up from October 22nd.

Covid-safe measures include social distance rules and a strict cleaning system in which all high contact surfaces are continuously cleaned and wiped.

“Visitors need to enter a QR code to record their presence in the field,” Hahn said.

“We measure everyone’s temperature. If someone shows high or low temperatures, send them to the emergency tent for 10 minutes before reconfirming the temperature.”

More full-time and casual staff were hired, but Mr. Hahn said the park had a hard time finding enough employees in the first place.

“We went from an almost empty glass to a glass full of staff,” he said.

New South Wales Tourism Minister Stuart Ayers said the investment would bring more people to Sydney and ensure that Luna Park will continue to provide fun for more than 85 years.

“The upgrade sends a very strong signal to the rest of NSW’s tourism sector. Now is the time to invest in our products and ensure that the state visitor experience is a must for future visitors. It’s time to do it, “he said.

“Luna Park is absolutely popular with families, kids and young people. Nothing beats the magic and movement of this amazing theme park, whether you’ve visited it 50 times or not for the first time. It brings a smile to your face. ”

Luna Park will open on June 26th. To enter, everyone needs a ticket and must book online.For tickets, see

Annual passes start at $ 199 per person, daily passes start at $ 44 for adults and $ 34 for children.

Amphora wine bar

If you like the view of Sydney Harbor at night and enjoy a delicious meal, enjoy the Amphora Wine Bar, which will open next to Luna Park on July 16th.

Taking over from Altum Restaurant, the new eatery serves Mediterranean cuisine with panoramic views of the city’s spectacular landmarks.

Inspired by ancient Greek design, the restaurant offers a fresh menu focused on local seasonal ingredients served on a small share plate.

“There are a variety of main courses on the menu, many of which are related to sharing,” said Mark Divrin, general manager of operations and sommelier of the Amphora wine bar.

“The menu combines modern Australian cuisine with Mediterranean influences. Most people want a much more relaxed family dining experience.”

Finding something that will satisfy your taste buds for a long time after leaving the restaurant by combining a perfectly selected wine list for all temperaments with a carefully crafted menu designed to share. Is guaranteed.

Divrin said the unique collection of wines includes varieties from wine regions around the world, including Tuscany, Portugal and Bordeaux.

Field blends (composed of two or more grapes) and Petilant Naturel (bottled drinks before fermentation) wines are some of the flavorful and innovative products.

“I love people trying something new to supplement their diet,” said Divrin.

The Amphora Wine Bar is just one of the many eateries, events and entertainment districts in the park.

Last year, Luna Park Venues was awarded the NSW Best Wedding Caterer and NSW Caterer of the Year at the Savor Australia Restaurant & Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence.

“We do everything from corporate lunches and trade fairs to cocktail parties for up to 3000 people,” says Divrin. “Almost every space has a great view of the harbor. We can help people create something magical and unique.”

Reservations are required at the Amphora Wine Bar for 10 people or more.

Contents: Amphora Wine Bar

Location: 1 Dr. Olympics, Milsons Point


A guide to the latest information on Luna Park Sydney

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