A family of deadly truck crash drivers speaks

Mohinder Singh’s daughter told her father, who was drug-affected by lack of sleep, that he would kill someone if he grabbed the steering wheel.

Hours later, a longtime truck driver beat and killed four policemen on the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne.

Shin’s daughter, Harplet Bajuwa, said she told him to stay home on April 22, 2020.

It was not uncommon for him to talk to his family about witches and ghosts. But that day was different.

“His performance of the day scared me. I told him I was going to kill someone if he drove,” the 21-year-old boy told the Magistrates’ Court in Melbourne on Monday.

“His voice was a race and the students were louder. He seemed pretty scared.”

She submitted evidence on the first day of the trial of the proceedings against truck boss Simiona Tuteru, who faces 82 charges, including manslaughter.

The commitment is expected to find out what the Connect Logistics Manager knew about Shin’s disability and, if any, what he did to encourage him to drive.

In dozens of accusations, Tuteru faces manslaughter charges of senior police officer Lynette Taylor, senior police officer Kevin King, and police officers Glen Humphris and Josh Prestney.

He has also been charged with multiple violations of heavy-duty vehicle regulations, including instructing and demanding Shin to work with fatigue.

Other fees include gaining financial gain from deception on timesheets allegedly submitted under false names to hide actual hours worked.

Shin was imprisoned last month for up to 22 years in the negligent driving that caused the death of a police officer.

He was drug-rich and sleep-deprived when police crashed a 19-ton semi-trailer into an emergency lane dealing with speed-violating Porsche driver Richard Psy.

Shin’s daughter said she was unaware that her father was taking drugs, but noticed a decline in his mental health leading up to the crash.

Shin’s wife, Amargit Bajuwa, and his son, Gurudeep Bajuwa, also provided evidence of his actions on Monday.

The commitment continues.

A family of deadly truck crash drivers speaks

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