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A definitive photo of Angela Merkel’s 16-year mission as German Chancellor

Let’s look back at the image of an East German quantum chemist who jumped into politics and became the most powerful female in the world.

Male fisherman

36-year-old Angela Merkel in a fisherman's hut on the island of Rügen in northern Germany.

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About a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Merkel, then 36, set foot in a fisherman’s hut on the island of Rügen in northern Germany.

Wearing a red bean cardigan, a white T-shirt and a long denim skirt, she began chatting with five fishermen in blue-collar overalls.

“She gave the impression that she understood us,” she will say later. He continued to vote for candidates representing the members of Stralsund-Rügen-Grimmen.

That started Merkel’s first election campaign and her path to the Prime Minister’s Office.

In 2005, her conservative CDU-CSU alliance won the election slightly, and Merkel became Germany’s first female prime minister in November.

Germany’s 12th player

With a term of just one year, the new German Prime Minister will host the world’s hottest games at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

The home team finished in 3rd place, but after the Germans were happy to wave the flag again, Time magazine named Merkel “the woman who cheered Germany up.”

Soccer wasn’t just a fad for Merkel, who has fostered strong ties to the national team for many years.

The image of her jumping to the stand when Germany scored a goal made the German media comment that “the 12th man on the team is called Angela.”

Angela Merkel celebrates Germany's 2-0 goal in the FIFA World Cup 2014 match between Germany and Portugal

sauce: DPA

Every week, Die Zeit ran a series of spoofing love letters between Prime Minister Merkel and midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, beginning with “Dear Basti” and ending with “Yours, Angie.”

2014 striker Lukas Podolski said Merkel’s participation in the World Cup at the opening round of Germany in Brazil provided her nickname, Mutti’s wordplay, “Mutivation.” I tweeted.

She went missing from the stand due to a coronavirus pandemic at this year’s European Championship, where Germany crashed in the last 16 years.

Euro crisis

The Greeks slogan during a demonstration against the German Chancellor's visit in Athens in 2014.

sauce: AFP

When football saw the pleasant side of Ms. Merkel, the Greeks were struck by a tougher line.

Relentless to Greece’s plea during the eurozone debt crisis, Merkel stuck to the German mantra demanding that Athens implement austerity reforms in exchange for bailout.

As Greece was on the verge of economic collapse threatening its exit from the eurozone in 2015, the Greeks continued to march and there were several posters depicting Ms. Merkel in Hitler’s mustache.

However, that doctrine was shattered by the coronavirus pandemic, and Chancellor Merkel made an extraordinary U-turn to incur huge debt to fund Germany’s escape from the crisis.

More notably, she and France’s Emmanuel Macron lead the € 800 billion EU Recovery Fund, where the European Commission raises funds by issuing bonds on behalf of the entire block of 27 members. Did.

“We can do that”

Angela Merkel talks about refugee policy in November 2015.

sauce: DPA

On September 4, 2015, the prime minister’s critical decision to open the German border to those fleeing the war in Iraq and Syria left a mark on European immigration policy, but undoubtedly Germany’s far-right revival. Caused.

When tens of thousands of migrants flowed into Germany and put strong pressure on the country’s emergency response authorities, Chancellor Merkel declared, “We can do that.”

But it also left a scar on Germany, where the far right took advantage of the public’s anger at the new arrivals and became the biggest opposition in Congress in the 2017 elections.

The large influx also deeply divided the European Union, and most former Eastern countries strongly opposed the acceptance of refugees.

Trump tension

A symbolic photo of the 2018 G7 meeting shows German Chancellor Angela Merkel looking down on US President Donald Trump.

sauce: German federal government

In her extraordinary message to Donald Trump, who was elected President of the United States in November 2016, Chancellor Merkel appeared to take over the cloak of the leader of the free world.

Chancellor Merkel offered to cooperate with Mr. Trump, but only on the basis of democratic values.

Angela Merkel speaks with Trump's predecessor Barack Obama at the 2015 G7 meeting at Elmau Castle

sauce: DPA

It was the beginning of a difficult four-year relationship, and fans jumped at the image as an example of how Merkel and Trump could keep US leaders straight and narrow at the Storm G7 Summit.

The photo showed that “we are certainly working on the problem,” Merkel told broadcaster CNN in an interview.

“The president has his opinion, I have my opinion, and we often find something in common. If not, we have to continue discussions and negotiations.”

A definitive photo of Angela Merkel’s 16-year mission as German Chancellor

Source link A definitive photo of Angela Merkel’s 16-year mission as German Chancellor

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