A collaborative approach to modern builds

The founder of Daniel Cassetai Design, Daniel Cassetai has a wealth of experience in home design with a contemporary, innovative and devoted approach.

Inspired from an early age, Mr. Cassetai has been looking to improve from the beginning.

“When I was a high school student, my parents rebuilt our house,” he said.

“I remember how I was able to improve it, and wondered if changing the layout might have improved space and functionality.”

After earning a quasi-diploma in architecture and working for a boutique building company, Casetai eventually took the plunge to set up his own company and become one of Perth’s most reputable builders, including the Brian Burke Homes Group. We outsourced the design work.

Michael Burke, managing director of the Brian Burke Homes Group, said three years ago that the builder was involved in leading the design department, an ideal partnership.

“We share a similar philosophy of design and caring for our clients,” he said, with six homes designed by Daniel Cassetai Design currently under construction at the Refined Edge of Brian Burke Holmes. , About 12 have already been completed.

Cassettai’s client-centric approach distinguishes himself and his talent from other companies and designers. This philosophy made him stand out in Brian Burke Homes.

“I brought all of my 25 years of experience to every conference and our home is considered balanced and well designed for our clients in the future,” he said.

“I love presenting that first design solution to my clients. It’s exhilarating to experience their reaction and see their overview and perspective come back to life on paper.”

Mr. Cassettetai’s wealth of knowledge, showing a realistic approach, extends to becoming a client.

Having the opportunity to oversee the design approach at home allowed him to experience the client process first hand, further enhancing the methods and practices for today’s new clients.

“I think owning and designing your own home is a dream for every designer. This happened a few years ago,” said Cassetai. “By living at home and experiencing the processes involved, I gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

“It also helped me identify specific areas of improvement and the steps I would use as part of the design process.

“Overall, being able to participate in my own project has greatly enhanced the steps as part of the initial design process.”

Overall, Mr. Cassetai said for him that good design wasn’t just about flashy features and current trends.

“I’m trying to move away from aesthetic design trends and focus on modern architectural methods and materials,” he said. “We want to find flexible construction methods and alternatives to traditional materials.

“I think a good design will be more accessible and more affordable.”

Cassetai’s sophisticated approach, focused on brevity and budget, ensures that clients get exactly what they want.

Each home is proud of its individuality, not only created by Mr. Cassetai, but also providing new opportunities to observe and gain insights on how each design influences and suits their lives. To do.

“People trust us and we are aware of this,” he said. “We strive to exceed expectations.

“Listening to the needs of our clients has become an important part of our process, and this brings homes that far exceed their expectations.”

Cassetai worked with the Brian Burke Homes Group to design award-winning homes with builders, including a 2020 Master Builder award-winning custom build of Carignap-Bank West, the best contract home. Housing Excellence Awards $ 11.5 million categories.

Refined Edge by the Brian Burke Homes team and Mr Cassettai worked closely with clients to provide custom builds boasting an innovative and intelligent upside-down layout.

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A collaborative approach to modern builds

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