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NSHis past was foreign and we could now use the holidays. Guardians can’t afford to pay for expensive and a little weird overseas trips at all costs, but they can lead you to a happy (like) place where things are done in very different ways: The Last UK Cricket last century.

80’s and 90’s cricket show Created by Mark Serek To celebrate an era in which all of us are so lovingly remembered, for the reason our therapists are still trying to deselect.Everyone had a lot of fun Doing the first series They decided to come back for another person.

Series 2 has 5 episodes. This may be an unconscious nod to the collapse of all five that we so lovingly remember.The podcast is hosted by Gary NaylorGuests such as former English cricket player, royalty of the press box, and teenagers from the 1990s participated. You can subscribe at regular locations – Apple Podcasts, cast When Spotify ――Even Follow us on Twitter..

Each episode has two parts. A longer discussion of this week’s players and subsequent series or contests. This is what I was talking about in Season 2.

Gary Naylor joins Peter Hater, Mike Selvey and Pat Murphy to discuss the eccentric wicket-keeper Jack Russell, an artist on and off the field. Then they remember a strange kind of thrashing-1990-91 ashes. England was often on par with Australia, but found a way to lose 3-0. And yes, all the off-field stuff-Tiger Moss, Kerry Packer Casino-is also there.

Gary joins Mike Selvey, Derek Pringle and Rob Smith to present another canter, the old warhorse, Angus Fraser, around the paddock. In two innings, they look back on one of Britain’s forgotten series of cricket, the Topseater Bee Draw with the West Indies in 1991. They discuss the reason. Graham Gouko’s 154 is not out Probably the best inning ever, it goes under the wide rim of Ritchie Richardson’s sun hat and just gets over their feet, if not perfect.

Gary revisits the 1989 Nehru Cup with Derek Pringle and two Robs, Steen and Smith. This is an event in seven countries that gave us a glimpse into the future of cricket, even if we didn’t realize it at the time. In the second inning, the panel goes off the slopes to select England’s Near Men XI and discuss players who did not reach the test level or were not given a chance. Will your favorites be mentioned?

Gary joins Peter Hater, Emma John, and Rob Smith to create a profile for historical figure Devon Malcolm. They discuss how England managed Malcolm better and recall some ferocious spells, especially one. Next, we will move on to the 1999 World Cup. This tournament was a fascinating and brilliant tournament, a complete mess, or both, depending on your point of view.

Gary will be joined by Pat Murphy, Mike Selvey, and the man who lifted the urn with the one and only David Gore, Oval. They look back on the famous Battle of Ash in 1985. Gower recorded hundreds of millions of runs when Ian Bosam shook the bat and Richard Ellison shook the ball. This week’s player is Phil DeFreitas, another most talented cricket player on and off the England team.

80’s and 90’s Cricket Show is available at Apple Podcasts, cast When Spotify, And you can follow the podcast twitter..

80’s and 90’s Cricket Show: Relive Victory and Tragicomedy | Cricket

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