47 Recommendations for Protecting the Future of British Football | Soccer

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After announcing a government fan-led review of football governance, The Fiver’s immediate and fully predictable response saves hard-working Big Boy News reporters the hassle of reading 162 pages in a short list. Was to wait. A bite-sized bullet that is easy to digest.In total, the review published at least 47 recommendations to protect The future of games in the UKAmong them are stamp duty style taxes on all transfer fees to support the football pyramid, a new independent regulatory agency to oversee financial regulations and monitor owners, and fans to protect heritage. The introduction of a legally binding “golden share” is sought for their club’s better treatment for women’s football and … 42 others.

While critics’ reaction to the content of the review is generally positive, the good people of the Football Supporters Association “provide an unprecedented opportunity to overhaul the power structure of domestic games and give fans a voice. of”. Perhaps more importantly, the fact that the review was supervised by Tracey Crouch serves as another ringing support. Members of Chatham and Eilesford may be Tories, but she’s far from their worst. Indeed, the fact that there is no place for her in the gallery of hypocritical licks of rogues, liars, spibs, charatan, and self-serving currently serving on Boris Johnson’s front bench, as a sincere woman. Only helps to strengthen her qualifications.

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If more evidence is needed that Clauch’s review is far more valuable than a series of printed papers, imagine Thursday morning that Aston Villa’s Christian Amperslow will be a stampede in a like-minded Premier League suit. From the block provided when it was the first one to Secretly criticize the content And in his false opinion, he declares that he has run the risk of “killing a golden goose,” which has been very generous to financially demanding clubs for years.

He didn’t even show any signs of familiarity with the document he was scraping, the lack of a catch-all quick fix for the European $ uper £ league, Bury’s failure, Covid’s influence-the issue that prompted the original review. “They will insist on me,” he began to insist. “It’s a very different issue in the game, and I don’t think there’s one recommendation that fits all three of these very different issues.” That’s why there are 47 Christians. Please try to keep up.

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Today’s quote

“I don’t really want the interview to be me,” – Luton Town assistant manager Mick Harford tells Ben Fisher. Overwhelmed by support Since his diagnosis of prostate cancer.

All our best wishes with Mick. Photo: Luton Town FC

Fiber letter

“See the unbalanced turmoil of the team suffering from the ego of one of the best players ever Torn to Manchester City, Mauricio Pochettino realized why he wanted to go to the Manchester unit … oh “– Admir Pochetti.

“I’m sitting on a bus service that doesn’t come home until 2:30 am. But I’m still smiling. The fastest time I took me to Ewood Park, I played on all 92 grounds. Watching is the latest step in the journey to set the Guinness World Records. The club has arranged a press pass for me, I saw my biggest win (4-0) this season. I did Interview with BBC Radio Lancashire In half-time, I ate the best pie of the season (9/10 for potatoes, onions and cheese in Clayton Park) and broke the £ 750 barrier. Mental Health Charity Mind.. I feel very happy. Anyone who doesn’t will do so. I promise “– Desmond Hinks.

“NS: Yesterday’s fiber.. Just as your article and the situation in Oldham pull the old heartstrings, you must point out that you eventually printed the inaccuracies (semantic). Luton and Notts County were both signatories to the founders of the Premier League. Without both signatures, football would never have started in August 1992. Indeed, they never kicked a newly invented foot-type ball. But that’s because they are both selfless followers of widespread interest in the game, allowing them to be demoted from the top non-soccer flight in English in May 1992. Luton was demoted to non-league in 2009. Oldham was able to make it. And Notts County achieved that in 2019. ”– James.

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News, a bit, bob

Wigan Forward Charlie Wyke is stable in the hospital After collapsing during trainingg Earlier this week.

Former Italian and Juventus striker Fabrizio Miccoli was sentenced to three and a half years in prison with a supportive clinking sound. Miccoli was convicted in 2017 for approaching the son of a mafia boss to recover € 12,000 from a nightclub owner on behalf of a former Palermo club physiotherapist.

Fabrizio Miccoli painted in Palermo.
Fabrizio Miccoli painted in Palermo. Photo: Igor Petyx / IPA / Rex / Shutterstock

Manchester United are in preliminary talks With Ralf Rangnick I became a temporary manager until next summer.

Slaviša Jokanovich was bin-off after just six months at Sheffield United In support of Paul Hecking Bottom, Has a Pardewesque contract until 2026.

Emile Heskey temporarily holds the handle of Leicester City Women after manager Jonathan Morgan. I was told by DoOne.. “I was disappointed this season. [knack] He contributed to a difficult start, but did not get the results he expected. “

Mikel Arteta wants Arsene Wenger very much Return to Arsenal With some ability. “I can say from my side and I think I can speak on behalf of everyone. We are happy to have him closer,” Arteta said. .. Is it probably better for the game if Arsenal only played every two years?

And, at least in part, pay tribute to Brentford, who has been storing HomeKit for another year. “Fans told us they would be in favor of savings,” cheered John Bernie, chief suit. “For fans who want to buy new shirts each season, we can see that there are new away kits and new third kits for the 2022-23 season.” Oh.

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Is “new director’s bounce” really a problem? Ben Macaria is digging..

Bernardo Silva plunges into the way of Riyad Mahrez and Bernardo Silva Gave PSG a big cup education..

The city flickers before.
The city flickers before. Photo: Dave Howarth / Camera Sports / Getty Images

Formiga has participated in seven Olympics and seven World Cups, and later finished a phenomenal international career for Brazilian women. Sae Yamamoto pays homage to “goat, in the truest sense”..

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47 Recommendations for Protecting the Future of British Football | Soccer

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