45 people killed in a plane crash in the Philippine army

The Philippine Air Force’s army suffered a plane crash that killed 45 people after jumping from its fuselage in the country’s worst military aviation disaster in nearly 30 years.

Pictures of the Sunday scene showed that a man in combat uniform was pouring flames and smoke from the debris scattered among the trees as he climbed from the palm trees into the sky.

A Lockheed C-130 transport plane carrying troops heading for a rebellion suppression operation crashed with 96 planes in the village of Bangkar, Sul, just before noon on Sunday.

The plane tried to land at Holo Airport, but crossed the runway. I couldn’t get enough power and height and it crashed.

“Many soldiers jumped off the aircraft before landing and escaped the crash explosion,” Sul, an integrated mission unit, said in a statement.

Army chief Cirilito Sobejana said the plane “missed the runway in an attempt to regain power.”

The vast army of the Philippine archipelago has fought a long war with Islamic extremists from Abu Sayyaf and other factions.

The military said in a statement that 42 bodies had been recovered, 49 had been taken to the hospital, and 5 military personnel had not been described.

A Defense Ministry spokesman said three civilians on the ground were also killed and four were injured.

Colonel Edgard Alevaro, a military spokesman, said there were no signs of an attack on the plane, but investigation into the crash had not yet begun and efforts were focused on rescue and treatment.

Military Command said the soldiers on board had a private rank and were deployed in their battalion. They flew from Rag Indingan, about 460 km northeast, to Hololive’s regional airport.

“They were supposed to take part in our war on terror,” said William N. Gonzalez, commander of the Integrated Task Force Sul.

According to a spokesperson for the Philippine Civil Aviation Authority, Jolo Airport has a 1,200-meter runway, which normally flies on civilian turboprop aircraft, but there are also military aircraft.

Jolo Island, part of the Sulu Islands, is about 950 km south of the capital Manila.

The registered 5125 Lockheed C-130H Heracles aircraft has just recently arrived in the Philippines.

According to the government’s website, this was one of two aircraft provided by the US government through the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. An Air Force spokesman said the aircraft would enhance the capabilities of heavy airlift missions.

According to the website, the crashed plane first flew in 1988. This model is the flagship product of the military around the world.

The Philippine Army has a mottled aviation safety record. Last month, a Blackhawk helicopter crashed during a training mission, killing six people.

The crash of the Philippine Air Force C-130 in 1993 killed 30 people. The 2008 crash of a civilian variant of a Lockheed plane flew by the Philippine Air Force killed 11 people, says the Aviation Safety Network.

The country’s worst plane crash was the 2000 Air Philippines Boeing 737 crash, killing 131 people.

45 people killed in a plane crash in the Philippine army

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