$391.3 million to realize the potential of Snowy Alpine

The master plan outlines a long-term vision for the district’s 4,879 hectares, which includes the Jindabyne and Alpine region catalyst and growth districts over the next 40 years.

The district is now moving into the delivery planning phase, which provides a blueprint for how infrastructure such as the Southern Connector Road, sewerage, and utility upgrades will be realized.

The delivery plans are exciting for the community, including improvements to shared trails and parks closer to Jindabyne, a major adventure park, parking developments to facilitate on-piste and off-piste enhancements, town center improvements, and foreshore improvements. Any project will be started.

The next phase will include further scope research and stakeholder and public consultations beginning later this year and into 2023.

See master plan here.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/3913-million-to-deliver-snowy-alpine-potential $391.3 million to realize the potential of Snowy Alpine

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