3 Ideas to Spice Up Your Event

Are you planning on getting together with friends and family anytime soon? Or perhaps you’re a professional event host that’s been commissioned to set up a memorable party for a lucky someone? Maybe a businessman that’s just won a profitable contract and needs to celebrate?

 Doesn’t really matter. Regardless of what it is: it sounds cool! Maybe you’re wondering how you can make your event a bit more special than last time, or you’d like to one-up a coworker with flair and grace. I can help you with that.

 I’ve hosted a lot of events and been to twice as many. Courtesy of myself for half of them. And I’ve also fallen asleep at roughly about the same amount, which is why I’m not too fond of seeing another boring soiree where nothing exhilarating happens.

 I’m guessing you want to change that too – why else would you be here? I’ve cooked up a couple of concepts and ideas for you to play around with, so have fun!

3 Awesome Event Ideas

There are thousands of types of events and only so many good ideas for all of them. Obviously, attaching confetti streamers to the fixtures of funeral houses isn’t a good idea, so you should try and line up your awesome idea with the general vibe and ambiance of your event. I’ll leave that up to you, though, as you know best.

 One important thing to mention is that you should make sure you choose a space that will support your event. It sucks to find out your guests don’t have seating!

Themed Party

Did anyone say costume party? If you’re creative enough and if your guest list is awesome, then you can effectively afford to turn any event into a themed party. Are you holding an auction? Awesome, every put on their cowboy suits, and let’s see how many fish we can shoot out of a barrel. Err, using blanks, of course.

 I cannot put enough emphasis on how wild you can go with this. There is essentially endless potential, especially if you’re interested in a particular time period, historical event, subculture, or pop culture reference. You could theme your event around Ancient Greece and have everyone wear white robes and eat grapes before delving into an alcoholic frenzy.

 Conversely, you could ask everyone to show up as their favorite superhero and see where you can take it from there. Themed games can also be an awesome idea! I mean, who wouldn’t want to play “grab Thor’s hammer and see how far you can throw it?” If that doesn’t work, then what about “see who pretends to be Catwoman the best?”

 I mean, a little competition can really help spice up an event. Let’s just hope there’s not too much alcohol involved.

Paint Night

Depending on where you’re from, the concept of a paint night is either familiar or quite alien.

 The idea is simple: you fill your stomach with good food, have a beer or a glass of wine (or two), and then walk over to an easel to spew your artistic deliberations all over the canvas. More often than not, paint night is a fun snack-time activity to help encourage conversations and laughter.

 However, paint night can also be taken a bit more seriously if you request an artist to come and teach your group something. Who knows? Your guests might become the next Picasso after your event.

Just Comedy

I mean, seriously, what’s wrong with laughing? I’m not sure if hiring a band of professional clowns to beatbox during the exchanging of wedding vows is a good idea, but I mean, if you’re feeling innovative, then why not pioneer a new trend?

 I’m sure I don’t need to give you too many ideas here. Comedy differs from person to person and what you find funny might not be considered as such by someone else. Since you know your guest list, it’s up to you to do a bit of research on your target audience and see what can entertain them.

 If you’re afraid you’re going to make a wrong choice, then go dull and vanilla and just play a Charlie Chaplin movie. You’ll get a smile or two, if not laughter.

Your Event, Your Choice

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your next event a little. Odds are if it’s an important one, then you probably won’t have too much leeway to play around with. But if you’re just planning to hold a party you’re hoping will be spicier than the previous ones, then I hope I’ve given you an idea or two.

 Until next time.

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