2021 Lester Award for portrait of Sid Tapia’s homeless man Xiao Si Fero Akitau

New South Wales artist Sid Tapia won Washington’s Best Portrait Award for painting a homeless man in Sydney.

A painting by Siaosi Feiloakitau, titled “Through You,” announced tonight the winners of the 2021 Lester Awards with a prize of $ 50,000.

Tapia said he met a “very kind, easygoing and humble” man called Shea at the Sydney CBD while asking passers-by for a spare replacement.

“At first I wanted to get involved with him and see if he was the person I wanted to draw. From his look and heart, I could say that this guy was really great,” he said. Told.

“He lives a very simple life, works in a warehouse, and enjoyed rugby league when he was young.

Camera iconSiaosi Feiloakitau and Sid Tapia. credit: Instagram/supply

“First actually get to know them, hopefully taste the preciousness of their lives, and paint portraits of people in a way that allows them to see beyond who they are and what they are. It’s great to be able to do it.

“Oil painting is a very beautiful medium and it is very encouraging to be recognized this way. It means that I am doing something good in my art.”

The victory came only two years after Tapia first began painting oil on canvas. This began with his long admiration for the media and approached the homes of his family, his wife Anna May, and daughters Skyler Ravel and Ciana Ravel.

The 48-year-old artist is already well-known as a professional skateboarder, known for his street art murals and adidas sneaker and skateboarding illustrations.

Tapia told Fero Akitau when he decided to take part in a prestigious tournament, drawing a portrait from a photograph of a gentle giant from Tonga before hearing about the Lester Awards.

New South Wales artist Sid Tapia's Lester Award-winning portrait, Through You
Camera iconNew South Wales artist Sid Tapia’s Lester Award-winning portrait, Through You

“He has so many powerful features about him that I took some snaps and then I decided to draw something very challenging,” he said.

“I chose a very small scale (20x20cm). I’m so used to the extreme canvas by painting on the building, so I thought about making it more challenging. I thought Go in the opposite direction. You can draw a portrait of a double-decker building in 3-4 days. This particular painting took me 10-12 hours a solid 3.5 weeks. ”

Since then, he has been able to share his double-win news with Fero Akitau and will share some of his prize money with him.

Tapia, who was unable to attend the awards ceremony last night due to border restrictions, recorded a speech in appreciation to all involved.

Tapia’s artwork ThroughYou also won the $ 5,000 Barton Family Foundation Installers’ Prize from the 40 finalists currently on display at WA’s Centenary Gallery art gallery.

Other awards include Assurast Emerging Artist Winner Irian Pivictor Burton (WA), Minderoo Foundation Spirit Winner Emily Song (WA), and Oxlad’s acclaimed Winner Narel Zeller (ACT). ) And Sally Ryan (NSW).

2021 Lester Award for portrait of Sid Tapia’s homeless man Xiao Si Fero Akitau

Source link 2021 Lester Award for portrait of Sid Tapia’s homeless man Xiao Si Fero Akitau

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