2 ASX is currently sharing at a “too low” price: Forager

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Despite popular sentiment, rising interest rates do not bring profits all Financing ASX shares.

Indeed, large banks are enjoying rising interest rates because they serve both borrowers and depositors.

When the reserve bank’s cash rate rises, it only gives the depositor a partial amount and often passes the full change to the borrower.

This fattens what is known as their net interest marginThis is the difference between the amount paid to the depositor and the income received from the borrower.

But for these small players, who are loan-only businesses, that’s a different perspective.

Forager Funds said in a note to customers that rising interest rates “may affect a customer’s ability to repay loans” and could increase the cost of financing lenders.

“The fear of widespread problems in this area has plunged stock prices,” he read.

“The fund has a small investment in both Wisr Ltd (ASX: WZR) When Plenty Group Co., Ltd. (ASX: PLT), Their respective stock prices have fallen 42% and 35% this year alone. “

Performance “exceeded expectations”

Despite the fall in stock prices, the Forager team Business “exceeded expectations”..

The lending business is a competition of scale.

“Over time, it is expected that a small number of healthy and profitable players will emerge, and Wisr and Plenti look like two people,” read the note.

“Plenti’s loan books are already over $ 1 billion and Wisr isn’t too far away, according to a March quarterly report, both of which are $ 2 billion over the next few years without dramatically accelerating progress. Will reach. This should be profitable. “

“Fear is overkill” for Wisr and Plenti

Investor anxiety about stocks like Wisr and Plenti isn’t the growth rate, but the impact on profitability from bad debts that result from rising interest rates.

The Forager team acknowledged that this “sound skepticism is justified.”

“But fear is overkill,” read the report.

“Both of these businesses are specifically targeted at safer borrowers with proven ability to repay loans. In the March quarterly report, default rates were well below long-term expectations. . “

Forager also said that both Wisr and Plenti have shown to customers to raise prices.

“Australia’s savings are still high and jobs are plentiful anyway,” the memo read.

“Economic conditions will definitely worsen. But portfolio weighting needs to remain modest, but we hope that both companies will navigate well and prove that the current stock price is too low. I am. “

2 ASX is currently sharing at a “too low” price: Forager

Source link 2 ASX is currently sharing at a “too low” price: Forager

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