15 Play Passion Project John and Bev Lowe

We first started volunteering together. .. .. When I passed a group of people sleeping soundly in a park on Newcastle Street in Perth in 1996. Beb came up with the idea of ​​going home and making them soup. At that time, that was the last thing John wanted to do. Feeding strangers in the dark, but when we get down there and talk to these guys, he says that’s the last thing he’s ever done and he doesn’t look back at the age of 90. I noticed.

Why did you establish Moort Care? .. .. We wanted to pay attention to helping the vulnerable elderly in the community. We already founded the Manna Foundation decades ago. This is another charity that feeds vulnerable people and families, but WA seniors need help, especially now that they are having a hard time finding a place to live and afford basic groceries. I thought.

The work we do includes. .. .. Gather people from all over Australia to collect blankets, scarves and food for the vulnerable elderly, struggling families and new parents. We work with Rotary clubs, food banks, church groups, local hospitals and other nonprofits to provide obstacles, blankets and other necessities.

It’s rewarding. .. .. Giving back to us is the secret of happiness. It was very rewarding and gave us a purpose. Handmade blankets and scarves, or special cake or biscuit packets for Christmas time, may be a simple gesture for many of us, but there are so many people in Washington that this little gesture is absent. It means something for them.

There was a challenge. .. .. Can’t help more people. We provide food hampers that can feed the elderly for about three days, but they still cost about $ 60 per person. To help more people, we always want to attract more donations and volunteers.

It has been highlighted. .. .. When he was awarded the Order of Australia for charity in 2008.

Depending on the day we are. .. .. I’m busy organizing and organizing volunteers. We also cook for street doctor service every Wednesday. Sometimes we not only provide food and goods, but also provide companies to the elderly and vulnerable families, check them and provide support.

It balances charity management with daily tasks. .. .. Build a great network of people throughout Western Australia. Amazing volunteers weaving blankets and scarves, doctors identifying people in need, bakeries donating treats for special occasions, and everyday people putting chips to get our products where they need them. There is. I don’t think you can do much as a person, but when you work all together, it’s incredible that you can achieve it.

In the future. .. .. Being the mentor of the successor to take over our work, we have recently had a stroke and this cannot last forever, but the network we have built remains connected and helps those in need. I hope to continue.

15 Play Passion Project John and Bev Lowe

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