11 Indonesian students drown in the river

Eleven students were drowned and 10 were rescued while out of school for river cleaning in West Java, Indonesia.

According to local officials, 150 Islamic junior high school students participated in a cleanup along the banks of the Cileueur River on Friday, 21 of whom slipped into the water.

“The weather was fine and there were no flash floods,” said Deden Lidowansha, head of the Bandung Search and Rescue Department.

“The drowned children were holding hands with each other. One slipped and the other followed,” said Lidowansha.

Students between the ages of 12 and 15 seem to have been dragged by strong currents as they crossed the river.

Nearby residents and rescue teams managed to save 10 students sent to a nearby hospital.

Rescuers searched for the victims using a large orange inflatable raft, and all students were explained when the search was completed on Friday night.

The students were clearly not wearing buoyancy devices. There are also reports of trying to cross a river that is popular for rafting and inner tubing.

In Indonesia, rain frequently causes landslides and flash floods, and millions of people live near mountainous areas and floodplains.

In February 2020, flash floods killed at least six students who drowned in a river in the Sleman district of Yogyakarta.

11 Indonesian students drown in the river

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